Scott Turner- Chief

   Michael Weirbrick- Deputy Chief

   Dan Daigle- Deputy Chief

   Daniel Gagner- Captain

   Patrick Austin- Lieutenant

   Andrew Logsdon- Lieutenant

   Michael Skoczylas- Senior Private

   Matthew Lemieux- Private

   Jeshua Charette- Private

   Michael Frydryk- Private

   Rodney Brodeur- Private

   Kevin Brooke- Private

   Nicholas Romanski- Private

   Nathaniel Haley- Private

   Sean Valley- Private

   Timothy Bachand- Private 

   Amber Duby- Private

   Michael Rollet- Private

   Michael Purda- Private

   Stephen Nodurf- Private

   Ian Grimes- Private

   Christopher Clarke- Private

   Brandon Bedore- Private

   Zachary Reidy- Private

Evan Grimes- Private

Samantha Hoy- Private

   Raymond Daigle- Engine 1 Mechanic (1933 Mack)

   Dawn Sawicki- Dispatcher













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